Online Presence Management

Internet Marketing is More than Just a Website

EOM will manage the technical aspects of your online presence to ensure your accounts are up-to-date and in a healthy status.  These accounts not only allow us to strengthen your presence online, but also offer invaluable insight into usability, code “health”, search engine ranking, traffic, and more.
Having an online presence that is error-free and in good standing with search engines will allow potential customers to easily find your product or service online.

Every year the internet expands and so does the effort it takes to maintain an online presence. In order to grow your brand electronically, a combination of tools are needed to be successful. Online Presence Management (OPM) is an ongoing process that requires work such as new content generation and maintaining a presence through a multitude of platforms, like social media and blog posts. Effective OPM requires long-term marketing goals to build your brand and create awareness.

EOM will complete a technical review of your website and accounts to identify any potential problems or areas of improvement.  After completing the necessary updates or changes, continued monitoring is done to ensure problems are identified and corrected before any negative impact.

The EOM development team focuses on implementing solutions to ensure your website is fast, scalable, mobile-friendly and performant.

Online Presence Management Offered

Everything You Need To Know About Online Presence Management

OPM is a multi-step process that includes a variety of services and tools to promote, manage, and maintain your brand’s online presence. This could include web design and development, SEO, blogging, social media management, and much more. OPM isn’t just for larger companies anymore but is being used by small and large businesses to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

The main goal of OPM is to create an online presence and build your brand. This type of marketing tactic will create more traffic to your sites and overall increase your profits. When OPM is done right you will rank higher in search engines, your brand awareness will increase, you will gain a wider audience and customer base, and will be able to market your services or products more easily. A greater online presence will organically lead people to you!

Did you know that 73% of people surveyed said they lose trust in a company with inaccurate information? Staying up-to-date is important when it comes to managing your online presence. Let Elite Online Marketing help you by optimizing and maintaining your online appearance with specialized online presence management services. Don’t wait a minute longer, message us today!

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