Social Media Management

Client, product, and lead management via social media

A strong presence on social media will allow you to stay connected with existing customers, on-board new leads, and provide a higher level of customer support for your products or services.  EOM will setup or integrate with your current social media accounts to provide a seamless experience that consistently aims to increase your customer interactions and sales potential.
EOM can integrate directly with your existing team to provide an additional buffer of support for your social media accounts.  The EOM team can field support requests and forward users to the appropriate channel to limit request time and provide a better user experience.

As part of our content marketing service, EOM also publishes the unique content created to your social media accounts on your behalf.  Content marketing solution for social media allows automated targeted messages to your users that are relevant, authentic and shareable.

Social Media Platforms We Manage Include:

The Importance of Social Media for Marketing

Social media marketing is all about branding. Having an active social media account shows your clients that you are an active brand and are interested in communicating. In fact, 78% of small businesses use social media marketing to attract new customers. It offers people the opportunity to easily find content related to your business and will boost your website traffic. Better yet, the traffic you are getting to your website will be targeted traffic meaning more people who have a genuine interest in your site are visiting.

With paid social media advertising you are able to boost top-performing posts at a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords. Compared to traditional advertising via print, radio, or tv, social media advertising is significantly less. And with paid advertising, you are able to find out how well your ads are performing in real-time. If an ad isn’t performing to your standards, it’s easy to adjust to get the results you want.

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